Hans-Jürgen R. Klemm

2200, Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, Florida 33137                                                                                                     Phone (+1) 305 491 0492

Private parking access: 22nd St.                                                                                  (signs: "La Provence French Bakery")

Email:                                                                                                 -BY APPOINTMENT ONLY -

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"Your showroom feels so unique in a different way that transfers a kind of good energy as soon you walk in"

"Your gallery is one of a kind - you feel the invisible work behind every detail - and you feel well, just well and in a special mood, piano music, gorgeous light and colors to wake up your desire, sensuality and good feelings"- thank you for creating this ambiance... "

 "There is like a mystery of wellbeing when you enter your space and you want to stay"

 "Miami is mainly so basic commercial - thank you to create this heaven of wellbeing"

"The subtility of composing art by few themes, competences and representative  choice of artworks is what honors you as a gallerist with a respectful approach of art"

"No way to ignore the many details of your care - from the choice of your excellent artists to your "mise en scene"in your adorable gallery"

"You were the first to introduce a mix between "wall-"art and "living-"art and make the art part of an affordable interior decoration of (almost) everybody"

"Thank you for this beautiful Chopin Concert Series in your Gallery and the other evenings in Alliance Francaise Miami, the Corpus Christi Church and Steinway Piano Gallery in Coral Gable, I love to replay your Video in your website to remember every moment of it"

"There is no better place to feel well than your beautiful gallery"

"Music, light, color and personal attention - sensations going straight to your heart - thank you!"