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AMERICAN ART AWARDS              -          Nomination CITYLOFTART 1st Gallery in Florida

USA21TV                                    -          CITYLOFTART Grand Opening 2200 Biscayne Blvd

French TV21                              -          video interview with Divna Pesic

French TV21                              -          Chopin Piano Concert in CCCC

French TV21                              -          Artist Ingrid Kaufmann, Geneva;

American Art Awards                  -            2010 Prestigious Hall Of Galleries

French TV21                              -          video opening Ekaterina Moré

MIAMI HERALD                           -          editorial Miami Herald

USA-EXPAT TV                           -          video by french TV

UNSER FLORIDA                         -          editorial Unser Florida

MIAMI ART & CULTURE               -          Miami Art Scene

LIFE IS ART Information              -          Life Is Art Information

BEST WE FOUND                        -          Best we Found

SOUL OF MIAMI                         -          editorial Soul of Miami

MIAMI-NIGHTLIFE                      -          Miami-Nightlife-Events-Examiner